The London Sock Co

The London Sock Co

Men's Grooming Guide sat down for a cuppa with Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard, the founders of luxury sock brand The London Sock Company

In the modern city, colour is king. It’s time to wage war on the colourless professionalism that has encroached on our very identity, quashing individual spirit and style. It is time to lead the charge feet first.

The London Sock Company is here to help modern gentlemen add style and personality to their Monday to Friday wardrobe and beyond. Socks are the first step on a journey towards effortless style and we will make sure your socks are as important as your tie, cufflinks and watch combined.

"When Dave and I first launched London Sock Company we traveled the length of Britain and Western Europe to source the highest quality materials, craftspeople and knitting methods," says Ryan Palmer, co- founder of LSC with Dave Pickard. "We still continuously challenge, test and refine our sock knitting methods at every stage to make sure that they are always the best when it comes to quality, comfort and fit."

Each pair of socks is made from the finest Scottish Lisle Cotton at a family-run producer in Portugal, a country that is quietly famous for having the best cotton knitting skills in the world. "They value attention-to- detail as much as we do," says Dave. "Their levels of craftsmanship gives us the flexibility to really push the limits of style and quality, which is important to us."

While socks may seem like the most fundamental element of a man's wardrobe, they are actually one of the most difficult to make. 

"Fundamentally it all boils down to three things: the quality of the machinery, the quality of the actual material and the quality of the craftsmanship. Those are really the core elements that make a good sock. Things like comfort, fit and style, of course, are a little more subjective, but the key to all our manufacturing is always quality."

From fashion front rows to Hollywood red carpets, London Sock Company socks can be seen styling the ankles of some exceedingly dapper gents including Tom Hiddleston, Daniel Craig, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Joshua to name but a few.

Check out The London Sock Company here and find out why hundreds of thousands of guys are treating themselves to these beautiful designer socks.